What are the benefits of domain names?

Answer Selection of a domain name is a required step on the road to having your own website, but its benefits generally far outweigh whatever hassles you might encounter in the course of deciding on and r... Read More »

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What is the difference between domain names?

All Internet domain names are given a two-, three- or four-letter extension upon registration. This designation implies the purpose of the domain name. Currently, more than 50 domain names exist fo... Read More »

How to Set up Domain Names?

Without a domain name, anyone wanting to operate a website must operate a subdomain on someone else's website. Knowing how to set up a domain name, however, allows you to have your own, unique webs... Read More »

How to Register ES Domain Names?

An ES domain name is for companies and non-profits that are related to Spain. If you need to register an ES domain name, then you will need to find a registrar that is licensed to sell domain names... Read More »

How are domain names organized?

Without domain names, you would have to memorize the Internet Protocol, or IP, address of every website you frequently visited. Of course, there is a certain hierarchy to domain names, just as ther... Read More »