What are the benefits of chin up bars?

Answer A chin up bar will add a new dimension to working out at home; it's an incredibly effective and low cost training tool with many benefits.BenefitsProper use of a chin up bar can result in an increa... Read More »

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How do I make chin-up bars?

Place a PVC tee (a joint shaped like the letter "T") on both ends of a 14-inch section of 1¼-inch PVC pipe (with the bottom of the "T" facing you). Insert 2-inch-long sections of PVC pipe into the... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Torsion Bars?

Though some might think them an outdated concept, torsion bar suspensions do have at least one huge advantage over most other designs. Though new air and hydraulic systems can do many of the same ... Read More »

What are the benefits of handicap seating&grab bars?

Many handicapped people have trouble with mobility, and often run a high risk of having an accident or injury when trying to sit down or stand up. Whether they live alone or with others who help th... Read More »

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