What are the benefits of cheese made from raw milk?

Answer Cheese made from raw milk is said to possess several benefits over cheese made from pasteurized milk. Proponents of raw milk claim the pasteurization process lessens the nutritional value of dairy ... Read More »

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What cheese is made from goat's milk?

Goat's milk cheese is known as chevre, which is the French word for goat. While feta cheese originally was made primarily from goat's milk, in the U.S. it is almost exclusively made from cow's milk... Read More »

From what type of milk is Roquefort cheese made?

Roquefort cheese is made from sheep's milk. It is one of the world's most famous blue cheeses. A cheese can only be called Roquefort if it has been aged in the caves of Roquefort-dur-Soulzon.Refere... Read More »

Can cheese be made from mouse milk?

Although feasible, making cheese from mouse milk would be impractical and presumably cost prohibitive. A study from the Jackson Laboratory in Maine suggests a sufficient amount of solids/protein (1... Read More »

What kind of milk is authentic Italian mozarella cheese made with?

Authentic Italian mozzarella cheese is made from buffalo milk, according to the BBC. The Mediterranean buffalo is not the same as the American buffalo; it is thought to have come originally from Ea... Read More »