What are the benefits of car radios with Bluetooth?

Answer Car radios with Bluetooth provide direct integration with Bluetooth-enabled cell phones directly from the factory. This allows drivers to focus their attention on the road without having to purchas... Read More »

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Do CB radios work with regular walkie talkiesOr do CB radios only work with other CBs?

Let us first define the term "walkie talkie". This a common reference to *any* handheld portable radio, regardless of frequency or radio service. There are CB, FRS, GMRS... etc walkies.With that ... Read More »

Can a printer with a USB port gain Bluetooth capability by using a Bluetooth adapter?

Printers with USB ports can gain Bluetooth capability if you plug a Bluetooth adapter into them. This allows you to wirelessly connect your computer and printer. Make sure to use a Bluetooth USB ad... Read More »

Im moving in with my older sister,im 18 and in further education what benefits can she claim benefits for me?

You would be better to contact your local DSS office, who will take account of you and your sister's circumstances. It's important to get this information before you move in as if you do not declar... Read More »

Science Fair Projects With Transistor Radios?

Transistor radios make attractive science fair project materials: they are simple to understand and create, but they demonstrate important scientific concepts. In a transistor radio, transistors ar... Read More »