What are the benefits of bowen therapy?

Answer Bowen therapy, also known as the "Bowen technique," is a well-established method of relieving pain throughout the body. Much like pain-relieving massage techniques, Bowen therapy targets specific p... Read More »

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What is bowen therapy?

Considered its own form of pain and tension relief, Bowen therapy differentiates itself from common massage and chiropractic methods by eliminating the force and manipulation techniques of these co... Read More »

Canine Bowen Therapy?

According to the U.K.'s Totally Bowen website, Canine Bowen therapy is a complimentary therapy developed form principles originally created for use on humans. Canine Bowen therapy was developed by ... Read More »

Bowen Therapy for Dogs?

Bowen therapy is a type of touch therapy that uses hands-on techniques to promote pain relief, healing and energy rebalancing. It was designed for use on humans, but it is also effective on dogs, e... Read More »

Does anyone know about "Bowen Therapy" a healing modality?