What are the benefits of being the middle child?

Answer Well, for one, if you do something bad you could say, "I did it because you don't love me as much as my siblings because I am the middle child!" :)

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What Are the Benefits of Participating in Extra Curricular Activities in Middle School?

Extracurricular activities, such as music, sports, art, theater and other non-academic pursuits can be a big part of middle school for a child. Although there is the argument that extracurricular a... Read More »

What is so important about the middle child?

A lot is important about the middle child. It really doesn't matter the place of the child, but whether or not he/she believes in his/her self. The answer is a lot is important about the middle child.

What are the advantages of being a middle child?

You have an older sibling to look up to and you can also be a role model to your younger sibling.

Can a child have two middle names?

On One Hand: It is LegalNo law indicates that a child cannot have more than one middle name. Though not a common practice in the United States, there are instances in which parents have given their... Read More »