What are the benefits of being a cosmetologist?

Answer A good cosmetologist can be the difference between a customer walking out of a salon crying or leaving in high spirits. But job satisfaction isn't the only benefit to such a career. Future cosmetol... Read More »

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Cosmetologist Benefits?

Cosmetologists enhance the appearance of others by providing a service such as a haircut, a manicure or a facial. A cosmetologist can be a barber, a beautician, a nail specialist or an esthetician.... Read More »

Educational Requirements for Being a Cosmetologist?

Cosmetology is an ever-growing field, always needing qualified professionals. To earn a cosmetology license, some educational requirements that must be met. Does this Spark an idea?

I'm a 44 y/o ex-con with anger management issues; is it too late to pursue my dream of being a cosmetologist!?

As if the main question wasn't enough to cover my chair in laugh-induced urine, but I had to read on.You *must* divulge your secret to perfectly conditioned hair! I'll bet you've got *loads* of use... Read More »

What are the benefits of being in the CIA?

I would say that was Mission Impossible III!