What are the benefits of almond butter?

Answer Almond butter is one of the more nutritious, when included with other healthy nuts such as walnuts and pecans. While all nut butters are good for you, almond butter offers its own set of benefits t... Read More »

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Is it healthier to eat natural peanut butter with your fruit or organic almond butter?

Both are good (and delish!) but almond butter is healthier. It has a bit less saturated fat, and more magnesium, phosphorus, iron, and a whole lot more calcium and vitamin E. Even buying organic yo... Read More »

Someone please help me with my peanut butter & almond butter addiction!?

From one nut addict to another, reduce caloric intake by eating less, each time.A little goes a long way.Have u tried sunflower butter?

What is almond butter?

Almond butter is a spread made from ground almonds and oil. Sometimes flavorings, such as sugar or almond extract, are added to it. Almond butter can be purchased at many grocery stores, especial... Read More »

How to Make Almond Butter?

Yummy!Almond butter is a fantastic alternative to peanut butter. There are also other nuts (or seeds) that make a great alternative. Sunflower seeds, pecans, cashews, and whatever you have the desi... Read More »