What are the benefits of a relational database?

Answer Relational databases are servers that hold tables that link together using primary and foreign keys. These databases have several benefits, including speed, visual layouts, data integrity and bette... Read More »

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Is relative database& relational database the same thing?

The answer to this could be both yes and no. Relative databases work with only like pieces of information. Relational databases manipulate both like and unlike pieces. It is complicated, but you ca... Read More »

What is an entity in a relational database?

In relational database design, an "entity" is any real-world object modeled and represented in the database. An entity could be any object such as a person (as in an employee or customer) or a tran... Read More »

What is a relational database foreign key?

A relational database is one in which data is held in multiple relations, or tables, divided into columns and rows. A foreign key is the primary key, or unique identifier, of a column in one table ... Read More »

What is an object relational database?

An object relational database sits between a traditional relational database management system (RDBMS) and a full object orientated database management system (OODBMS). Unlike OODBMSes, an objectre... Read More »