What are the benefits of a contract phone?

Answer If you want to purchase a phone by signing a contract with a mobile phone carrier, there are many benefits for doing so. However, there are also some things you will need to look out for as well.Co... Read More »

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Activating a replacement phone with a "no contract" phone but have "contract" with verizon?

When purchasing on eBay, "no contract" simply means that you need not sign a contract to get this phone at this price. You need only beware if it says "prepaid" as those can not be activated on con... Read More »

If I buy new iphone 4 without contract just phone orpayasyougo if i put my vodafone contract sim will it work also I heard there might be limit on web browsing will it effect my unlimited web sim card?

Gosh man it came out alreadyThe iPhone 4 came out on AT&T summer of 2010. Verizon's iPhone 4 has a few small changes from AT&T abd that will come out 2-10-11 If you meant the iPhone 5, that shoul... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Contract Labor?

In times of difficult economic conditions or when looking to reduce labor costs, an employer may turn to contract labor as a temporary or permanent solution. Contract labor allows for the completio... Read More »

Contract Employment Benefits?

Employees are hired at an hourly or yearly salary and are often entitled to certain benefits like health insurance and paid time off, while contract employees are usually hired to fulfill a specifi... Read More »