What are the benefits of a cingular sim card?

Answer Cingular (now AT&T) SIM cards are required to access wireless phone service with the provider. In addition to allowing voice and data service, the SIM cards provide users with a great deal of flexi... Read More »

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What type of card is the SIM card in most Cingular phones?

it won't work in any consumer media reader. it doesn't work like that. The sim cards are basically small squares of plastic (about the side of a miniSD?) and have 6-8 contacts on the face of the ... Read More »

Can i use a cingular sim card in a sidekick?

your answer is gonna b no.. now if u did get your sidekick unlocked then put your sim card in there.. then yes.. BUT.. you could only use text and calling ppl... no internet none of that stuff.. ma... Read More »

How to Register a SIM Card for a Cingular Pay as You Go Phone?

You can still buy Cingular products from places such as eBay and online discount prepaid cell phone stores, but you will need to register the SIM card for a Cingular Pay as You Go phone with the AT... Read More »

How do I activate a Cingular VISA card?

Call the Number on the Front of the CardWhen the card is sent to you in the mail there will be a sticker on the front of the card that has instructions on how to activate the card. There will be a ... Read More »