What are the benefits of VoIP service?

Answer VoIP, an Internet-based telephone service, transmits voice communication over a high-speed Internet connection. VoIP service offers greater convenience and lower cost than traditional telephone ser... Read More »

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What is voip phone service?

Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) is a telephone system that uses the Internet. According to Joe Hallock's "A Brief History of VOIP," this protocol was created in 1995, by an Israel company cal... Read More »

Is broadband service necessary for VoIP service?

Yes, a broadband connection is required to provide enough bandwidth for VoIP service. A dialup connection provides up to 56kbps of bandwidth, which is insufficient for transmitting audio in real ti... Read More »

What are the hardware requirement to implement a VOIP service?

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Northstar Service...Wants to clean our dryer vents. Is this type of service needed and what are the benefits?

Why not just get a friend to help you pull the dryer out from the wall, then using a screw driver, remove the vent hose. Shake the dust out of it and put it back. Cost, maybe a beer or two...... ... Read More »