What are the benefits of FHA loans for first home owners?

Answer By obtaining an FHA loan for the purchase of your first home, you are also able to choose from a variety of home loan programs, pay a lower down payment and closing fees and qualify under easier cr... Read More »

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Are fines imposed upon home owners for rules violation legal and collectible in a home owners association?

If the violations and fines are set forth in the associations's covenants and bylaws, yes, they are.

Conditions of First Home Owners Grant?

For people who are tired of handing over a paycheck for rent every month, never to see it again, buying a first home can be an excellent financial move. At the same time, a variety of factors combi... Read More »

Rules & Guidelines for a First Home Owners Grant?

A first home owners grant can give first-time buyers an enormous advantage when purchasing their first home. These grants (which can be as high as $15,000 per person) are typically given out at the... Read More »

Can the home owners association refuse owners gate access codes?

Work with your board and your association manager to most fully understand why access is being denied. For example: It is possible that your governing documents specify that when you do not pay you... Read More »