What are the benefits of Excel spreadsheets?

Answer Microsoft Excel is a computer spreadsheet program that is commonly used in business and finance as a tool to organize and intemperate on data. Excel can be used for things as a way to store numeric... Read More »

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How do i create spreadsheets using excel?

Open Excel and click "File," then "New" and choose "Blank Workbook." Type column header titles across the cells of the first row (row 1), such as the days of the week or the bills you pay every mon... Read More »

How do I create Excel spreadsheets?

Open Excel, automatically creating a new spreadsheet. Position your cursor in row 1, column B and type a column header, such as "Monday." Press the "Tab" key to move into the next cell and type ano... Read More »

How do I connect Excel spreadsheets?

Selecting the dataHighlight the range or cell in the spreadsheet that will be used as the source data. Click the "Home" tab in the "Office Ribbon" menu. Press "Ctrl" and "C" simultaneously and then... Read More »

How do I protect Excel spreadsheets?

Set a Password to Open a WorkbookClick on the "Microsoft Office Button" on the top left of the Excel 2007 window. Hold your mouse over "Prepare" on the left-hand side on the drop-down menu and clic... Read More »