What are the benefits from photography?

Answer First of all, photography is a source of therapy esp. if the scenes involved are one which invoke a sense of calmness and tranquility. It can relieve stress and get rid of mundane worries. Secondl... Read More »

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What are some benefits of wedding photography?

Wedding photography is a must in my opinion. When you are going through the big day you are going to want to remember it with photographs. After all the time you put in to planning, and all the mon... Read More »

Do you need a business license for photography in the state of Florida to open a photography studio?

Does black&white photography date back to the origin of photography?

In the early 1800s black and white photography was all that was available due to the photography process still being in the experimental stage. The color photography process was discovered in the 1... Read More »

What method of photography was the main source of photos before digital photography came into use?