What are the beautiful place in south Asia?

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How to Responsibly Up Bring Your Children in South Asia?

There are many excellent articles on parenting in WikiHow. However most of the articles have a American or western focus. This articles aims at universal applicability that includes parenting in As... Read More »

What is the flow of warm moist ocean air into South Asia known as?

The warm ocean air that gathers above the sea and flows north across South Asia is called the Asian Monsoon. The Asian Monsoon begins in late May and shifts back from moist to dry air around the en... Read More »

If you were a contestant on The Amazing Race Asia, what would be the last place you hope to go and why?

Hmmm. interesting how so many people interpret the question as which is the last stop in the race instead of the worst place to go to..Anyway, i think the last place i'd want to go is the Taklimaka... Read More »

Is Atlanta a beautiful place?

Oh, ABSOLUTELY! Atlanta is an amazingly gorgeous place. I'm a native to Georgia, and I've been to about every place around the state. Like all places, there is a not-so-pretty part where crime and ... Read More »