What are the basics of composting?

Answer Composting Basics The basics are simple, but it is a bit of an art to get one to heat fast and finish quickly. These hot piles are active composting. However, there is evidence that a slow pile p... Read More »

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How is composting done?

[1] Alternate layers of carbon-rich brown materials, with nitrogen-rich green materials. [2] Don't use diseased yard waste, or weeds. [3] Kitchen scraps may be used, as long as they don't include d... Read More »

Eco Composting?

Composting is a way to recycle waste from your kitchen and yard so it can be used to enrich garden soil, notes informational website How to Composting is eco-friendly and can reduce ho... Read More »

What is a composting agent?

Composting agents are known as "activators."They basically provide a culture of the "good" bacteria necessary to start a compost.All these bacteria are naturally present in the top soil of a garden... Read More »

Is composting expensive?

No. Composting requires materials that are usually waste (kitchen scraps, newspaper) or offered by nature (leaves). Some people prefer to buy compost tumblers but these are not necessary to compost.