How to Learn Basic Accounting Formulas?

Answer Accounting is the process a company uses to record and report financial transactions. Most businesses use some form of accounting in their business operations. Formulas are mathematical calculation... Read More »

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How do I Find a Basic Perimeter Math Worksheet?

Thanks to the Web, home-schooled children have access to a wealth of information and teaching tools. And most of it can be had for free. There are several education-centered websites that feature b... Read More »

How to Find the Basic Perimeter Math Problems?

The perimeter is the measure of the distance around an object or a shape. If all the sides of the object are straight, this is fairly simple to measure or compute. If the rim of the object is curve... Read More »

How to find the area and perimeter of the figure?

area is the length multiplied by the width the perimeter is the length +width+length+width

How to Calculate Perimeter and Area Ratio?

The perimeter of a shape is the measure of the length of a shape around its outermost extremities. The area of a shape is the amount of two-dimensional space that it covers. The ratio of the perime... Read More »