What are the basic characteristics of realism?

Answer The realist movement occurred around the latter half of the 1800s, with the best pieces of realism appearing during the 1850s and 1860s. Many of the characteristics of this movement appeared as a r... Read More »

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What are the characteristics of basic education curriculum in high school?

The only slang term I've ever known to be applied to them is "coasties". Or you could say.. puddle pirates. I'm one...

Basic Characteristics of Civilizations?

The rise and fall of civilizations remain a primary focus of archaeologists and historians. Their investigations have revealed that the appearance of every civilization and its reason for collapse ... Read More »

Basic Characteristics of the Romantic Period in Literature?

The late 1700s saw a change in literary form, a change that reflected new ways people thought about themselves and their place in society. Literature was becoming a thing of the common people, who ... Read More »

In African-American history, what is ghetto realism?

Ghetto realism is the representation in art and literature of people, objects or social conditions as they actually exist in a ghetto environment, without idealizing the various aspects of life in ... Read More »