What are the basic baby room supplies?

Answer - a closet/dresser to put the clothes in - a comfy chair - cabinet/book shelf/box to put toys in (usually you'll get tons of stuffed animals from people and a net or cheap hammock on the wall is ... Read More »

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How to Get Basic School Supplies?

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What is the best colour scheme to make a small room appear larger - the room will be for mother & baby?

Light colours make a room look bigger.If you do the walls in 2 sections, it will make it look higher as well.. for example white wainscoting on the bottom third of the wall and a pale painted colou... Read More »

How much would baby supplies cost a year?

well different brands of diapers can make a difference so i would say 1000$ a year

Is it safe to use a room with no windows as a baby room?