What are the bankruptcy laws in california?

Answer Bankruptcy is generally governed by the federal Bankruptcy Code and bankruptcy proceedings occur in the federal District Courts, located in each state. California law, however, describes specific ... Read More »

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California Bankruptcy in Brief & Spendthrift Trust Laws?

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy case can move quickly in California. You could receive a discharge of your debts in as little as two months. The length of time it takes to receive a discharge can depend on ... Read More »

What are the rules or laws regarding homeowners with a pool and children are there laws that pool owners must abide by in California?

Answer Yes, there are many codes that govern swimming pools. Codes that dictate fencing, doors and windows to the pool area. Your local pool store can advise you via phone or if you prefer in pers... Read More »

MD Bankruptcy Laws?

Bankruptcy laws in Maryland provide consumers with the opportunity to eliminate their debt, while becoming more educated on the credit accumulation process and how to make smarter decisions with lo... Read More »

Involuntary Bankruptcy Laws?

Bankruptcy is the legal admission that the business cannot pay back its debts and must be put through court in order for the creditors to collect money they are owed. Most businesses try to avoid ... Read More »