What are the application of information technology to property management?

Answer can someone please tel me who looks after the great wall of china for my project ?

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Can I do Masters of Computer Application after doing Bachelor of Information Technology (Computing&Networking)?

Yes, you can do MCA with any basic degree in science or technology or engineering. Even after a B.Sc you can do MCA. Get this from a good institute. Birla Institute of Pilani is an outstanding inst... Read More »

Challenges in Information Technology Management?

The tremendous growth of the Internet has had an enormous impact on the way we do business, educate our children and socially interact. Information technology management has evolved quickly to meet... Read More »

Variables of Information Technology Management in Education?

Management of technology in the educational environment is influenced by location, budget, organizational policy and community expectations. Stake-holding community members should provide technolog... Read More »

Ethics of Information Technology Management in Education?

In the year 2000, more than half of all students surveyed said that computer hacking was not a crime. As a result, the United States Department of Justice and the Information Technology Association... Read More »