What are the all yellow vegetables called?

Answer Answer The color of a vegetable does not necessarily put it into a specific group. Most yellow vegetables happen to be in the squash family, but I'm sure there are exceptions. A yellow pepper, for ... Read More »

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What are you called if you don't eat meat or vegetables?

What is a yellow watermelon called?

Yellow watermelon is called yellow flesh watermelon. This fruit appears just like regular watermelon and tastes sweet like the fruit but has a honey-like flavor to it. Yellow flesh watermelon is mo... Read More »

What are the most common fruits that are mistakingly called vegetables?

AnswerFruits often thought to be vegetables: TomatoesCucumbersBrocolliPeasGreen BeansA fruit is the reproductive or flowering part of a plant. Color or sweetness have nothing to do with it. Sugar ... Read More »

What are the red, white and yellow cords for the TV called?

Lol. While you are all right on a basic level, The Red, White & yellow cords are called composite cables.