What are the agents of pollination?

Answer There are basically two types of pollination- Biotic and Abiotic. Biotic Pollination is through the insects, some birds and animals, etc. Some examples could be like moths, bats, hummingbirds, butt... Read More »

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Where is the flower's pollination stored before pollination?

Before pollination, the pollen grains are stored in the anthers (male part) of the plant. During pollination, an insect (such as a bee) flies to the flower for nectar and some pollen from the anth... Read More »

Are AFOSI special agents federal agents and if so under what USC authority?

Yes, AFOSI SAs are federal agents (1811). Check the AFOSI page for more information. Top notch organization, although extremely difficult to even be granted an interview - they select 20 interview ... Read More »

Who makes the most between secret service agents FBI agents and US marshals?

What Is Cross-Pollination?

Cross-pollination, according to the U.S. Forest Service, is the process by which the pollen from one plant moves to the stigma of another plant, by insect or wind. However, when used by gardeners a... Read More »