What are the advantages you have found by using 'google earth'?

Answer Very informative on our earth landscape.

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This guy I work with claims to have found the lost city of Atlantis using Google Earth. Is he crazy?

Maybe he is...Google Earth uses satellite imagery that cannot penetrate to any great depth in water. As Atlantis is supposed to have sunk into the ocean/sea I would have to say there is no way he ... Read More »

Have you found your home on Google earth?

Yes, I have found my home on google earth and it has recently been updated. I normally look up holiday destinations as well and find the hotel we are staying in, so we can where it is in relation ... Read More »

This is just too cool !!! Have you found the secret Flight Simulator in Google Earth?

its fun i like it. i flew from New York to Boston and back

I found an amazing decovery on google earth?

Wow I'm really impressed, and what have you found? Tell us all!