What are the advantages of using your digital camera for images?

Answer Better quality than a disposable camera. You can take as many as the memory can hold then delete the ones you dont want.

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What are advantages of using a digital camera?

Digital Camera Advantages I'm assuming you're asking about the advantages of digital cameras vs film cameras? If so, I would say they are more convenient, the photos are more versatile. You can eas... Read More »

How to take blurry photos or images using digital camera?

Three options are:-Use a long shutter speed and move the camera-Use a filter-Take a normal photo but use software to blur it

What is the disadvantage of your images on a digital camera?

In terms of quality, the difference has been decreasing rapidly. I would say one advantage is there is no negative. Some years from now your images should not have any color fading, dust, scratche... Read More »

How to Send a Fax Using Your Digital Camera or Camera Phone Using Scanr?

Need to send a fax or get a copy of a document to someone, but don't have a fax machine? Using your digital camera or camera phone, you can avoid the trip to Kinko's.