What are the advantages of using natural fertilizer?

Answer Slow acting but good for the environment, the plant and the soil may be the respective disadvantage and advantage of natural fertilizer. The main disadvantage of natural fertilizers is their slowne... Read More »

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Granular Fertilizer?

Granular fertilizers come in bags or boxes and are easy to measure and sprinkle. When used correctly, these fertilizers safely provide nutrients plants need for vigorous growth -- but they also hav... Read More »

What is best natural garden fertilizer?

Rabbit droppings. it has organic fibers, and moisture that is a great fertilizer for any garden. i used it for my garden, and it worked wonders. I never had a better crop. you may want to get a rab... Read More »

Natural Fertilizer for a Garden?

According to the Colorado Master Gardener Program, "fertilizer" refers to a soil amendment that guarantees at least minimal percentages of the essential plant nutrients: nitrogen, phosphorus and po... Read More »

Is it better to use natural or artificial fertilizer?

AnswerIt is definitely better to use a natural fertilizer rather than artificial ones. Natural fertilizers contain the necessary nutrients for the soil in the form in which they can be absorbed dir... Read More »