What are the advantages of the camera?

Answer First declare that I am not a professional, and said also for reference only. Camera, you can leave a person's image, is a carrier of the past or the present. Moreover, compared to painting, it sho... Read More »

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of having a digital camera COMPARED to an average camera?

Film camera. Advantages:35mm SLR cameras are very cheap.A 35mm camera can be easily mastered in a day or less.Film cameras encourage you to slow down and actually think before pressing the shutter ... Read More »

Whats are dis/advantages of getting a SLR camera?

The main advantages of an SLR camera are the control and the quality. With an SLR, you can manually set all of the parameters to get a perfect shot and even make some nice artistic variances. The q... Read More »

What are advantages of using a digital camera?

Digital Camera Advantages I'm assuming you're asking about the advantages of digital cameras vs film cameras? If so, I would say they are more convenient, the photos are more versatile. You can eas... Read More »

What are advantages of Digital camera?