What are the advantages of oral contraception?

Answer Oral contraception has many years of popularity behind it for good reasons: convenience, control and ease of use. This make it a good contraceptive option for many women.HistoryThe U.S. FDA (Food a... Read More »

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Does alcohol affect the effectiveness of oral contraception?

Generally it does not because the alcohol will not interact with the hormones in your blood stream that are caused by the pill, or any other hormones. I would say that you do not lose any protectio... Read More »

Is there any oral contraception that does not cause depression?

Some birth control pills are less likely to cause depression. Chief among these are combination birth control pills, which work over a longer period of time during the menstrual cycle. Because a wo... Read More »

What is the difference between oral candidosis and oral candidiasis?

Both are fungal infections of the oral cavity, the only difference lies within regional differences in spelling. "Candidosis" is more commonly used in the UK and Europe, whereas "candidiasis" is us... Read More »

What are some methods of contraception?

Condom, The pill, The diaphragm, The Coil / IUD - explanation of how IUD's work is given below: (And it appears to be debatable as to if the Coil/IUD's are actually "Contraceptice" devices or an ab... Read More »