What are the advantages of being a middle child?

Answer You have an older sibling to look up to and you can also be a role model to your younger sibling.

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What Are the Advantages of Middle Schools?

Middle schools seem obsolete in some areas of the country that only have elementary and high schools. Middle schools do have a purpose in preparing children to transition into high school, which ca... Read More »

What advantages come with adopting a child?

What are some advantages of adoption for a child?

i don,t know if state laws are different, but in my state if the father is alive he has to waive his parental rights if he has any. or if you can't get him to do that and you atleast want her lastn... Read More »

What are the advantages and disadvantages of child abuse?

There are no advantages of child abuse.. Child abuse is a very serious issue and nobody should do it in the first place. Innocent children should not be punished with violence.