What are the advantages of a playpen over free range children?

Answer Wow, i cant believe everybody is so strongly for or against!I've used a bit of both, and there are advantages to both, but first, let me make it clear - a child does not get "more mental stimulatio... Read More »

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The Advantages of a Dual Fuel Range?

Dual fuel ranges are ovens that use two sources of fuel: gas and electric. These ovens require both an electric oven connection and a gas line to the kitchen in order to work, but if they can be in... Read More »

How to Make a Hamster Playpen?

Does your hamster has been bored all the time? Are you really TRYING to keep him/her entertained? Why didn't your say so? Well, try my simple steps on how to make a simple hamster playpen!

Can I use a baby playpen for my puppy?

On One Hand: Good OptionPuppies are usually relatively small, and a playpen will provide more room than a kennel when the puppy cannot be free to run around a house or yard. Most playpens are of a ... Read More »

Instructions for a Babydan Playpen?

The BabyDan Park-a-Kid is a six-sided playpen designed for your child's safety. It has smooth, rounded corners and a washable padded mattress. The playpen is assembled at home; no tools are required.