What are the advantages of a limited liability partnership?

Answer In the world of professionals, be it legal, medical or otherwise, many want to know they are protected, even if one of their partners makes a costly mistake. That's where the limited liability part... Read More »

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What is the difference between a limited liability corporation&a limited liability partnership?

A limited liability partnership (LLP) and a limited liability company (LLC) contain elements of a general partnership combined with liability protection for the business owners. In states like Cali... Read More »

What Is a Professional Limited Liability Partnership?

A professional limited liability partnership (PLLP) is a relatively recent type of business structure in the United States and Europe. PLLPs are more frequently used in the U.K., as many U.S. compa... Read More »

What is the tax benefit of forming a limited liability partnership?

A limited liability company operates like a partnership but provides limited liability protection for the partners. States like California restrict LLP formation to professionally licensed individu... Read More »

What Does it Mean to Dissolve a Limited Liability Partnership?

A limited liability partership (an LLP, not to be confused with a limited partnership) is a partnership formed under state law that provides some form of limited liability for its partners. LLPs t... Read More »