What are the advantages of a career in photography?

Answer Lots of advantages, you can take cool shots from nice girls, women, landscapes, architectures, you can to learn how to edit photos, you can teach everything you have learned. Digital cameras and ph... Read More »

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What are the advantages of aerial photography?

Two main reasons:- Firstly to improve on a ground-based photograph. For example, say you photographed a house to advertise it for sale. From the ground or, even a Google Aerial shot is very 'flat' ... Read More »

'What are the advantages of studio photography'?

What are advantages to black and white photography?

If you want to focus on shapes and patterns of light, you can avoid the distractions of color by photographing in black and white. On the other hand, according to Paul Simon, everything looks wors... Read More »

Can photography be a career?

I think there is only one possible answer; it can be a career because many have had successful lives making good photographs and effectively marketing them.