What are the advantages of Google Chrome over Firefox-what are the disadvantages?

Answer On the whole I prefer Fire Fox because there is less difficulty in finding sites than IE. In addition I.E often becomes dysfunctional and on occasion just crashesGoogle Chrome since it is Google's ... Read More »

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Does anyone use Firefox on thier P.C.What are the advantages and disadvantages of it?

I am currently using Firefox 3 beta 5.It is the only browser I use. You can do everything, there are no limitations, it's compatible with everything and has a whole host of add ons to make your bro... Read More »

What is better Google Chrome or Firefox.?

Firefox for its addons.Chrome for its speed, simplicity, and screen space.I use chrome for my small screen laptop but firefox on my desktop because I really need some of those addons. I think chrom... Read More »

What is better, Google Chrome or FireFox?

Browsers are updated so rapidly that to say one is better than another is really outdated by the time the words slip from your mouth. That being said, Google Chrome has gained popularity lately and... Read More »

What internet should I use, Firefox or Google Chrome?

If you want:Security: FirefoxStability and smooth browsing: ChromeRunning on proxy: Maxthon (fast but a bit unstable)Hope it helps :D