What are the added benefits of having a clitoral piercing -vs- one that is not?

Answer The technical answer is that they're like a flick my bean sign-post that can remind & direct even the clumsiest & most forgetful of men to where their wifi's hotspot actually is & that, it actu... Read More »

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Clitoral Hood Piercing - Who is this pleasuring, the woman, the man or is it acting like a shiny fishing lure?

It's a big controversy as to what the purpose of a clitoral hood piercing actually is.Some women swear that it provides them pleasure- that the bead of the piercing (if it is a barbell and a vertic... Read More »

Besides the prevention of scurvy, what are the added benefits of a lime wedge, or "fruiting", of ones beer?

You can squirt lime juice in the eyes of any unwelcome suitors.

What is a short term risk of having a body piercing?

With any piercing there exists the possibility of infection, allergic reaction just for starters. However if the service is provided by a professional body piercer working in a licensed and inspect... Read More »

What are the implications of having the condo association as an added insured on homeowner's condo insurance policy?

Answerthey are an insured under the policy as they 'own' the outside of the 'implicatons' other than in some claims they would/may be included on the draft in may b... Read More »