What are the adaptations of a cactus?

Answer Waxy leaves, long roots, most have needlesThe adaptations of the cactus includes small and spiky leaves that reduce evaporation of water. It also prevents loss of water. The cactus has also a thick... Read More »

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Why are leaves modified to form spines in the cactus plant how then does the cactus plant make food?

The cactus adapted to its harsh environment by developing thick skin to slow the evaporation of water. The leaves changed in order to reduce the surface area that water could evaporate from and ove... Read More »

Does a Christmas cactus only bloom once a year in December My Christmas cactus bloomed in December and?

Christmas cactus will bloom if given long uninterrupted dark periods, about 12 hours each night. Begin the dark treatments in about mid-October to have plants in full bloom by the holidays. You can... Read More »

Adaptations of the Bee Hummingbird?

Bee hummingbirds, native to Cuba, are the smallest bird in the world, measuring about 2 inches (5 cm) and weighing 0.06 oz. (1.8 g). They have made a number of morphological adaptations as a specie... Read More »

Spider Adaptations?

The varieties of spiders living across the globe inhabit many different environments and have adapted to a number of pressures. Many of these are prey-related, while others are environmental. Spide... Read More »