What are the Symptoms of Low Transmission Oil?

Answer Transmission fluid is an essential auto fluid that ensures the transmission on a manual or automatic car can shift properly. It is important that proper levels of transmission oil are maintained fo... Read More »

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Symptoms of Transmission Problems?

The transmission is a critical part of your vehicle's drive system. Transmission failure typically means the car can't be driven until the transmission is fixed or replaced. Both manual and automat... Read More »

Symptoms of a Failing Transmission?

A transmission that is failing will exhibit a variety of symptoms, ranging from audible sounds to mechanical dysfunctions to visual signs. With careful attention, a failing transmission is easy to ... Read More »

Symptoms of Bad Transmission Mounts?

Transmission mounts are circular metal brackets that support the transmission and utilize rubber blocks to prevent the vehicle from vibrating and rattling while running. Most transmission mounts ... Read More »

Car Transmission Problems & Symptoms?

The transmission is the part of an automobile that sends power from the engine through the gears and drive shaft to turn the wheels. Manual transmissions require the driver to move the gear manuall... Read More »