What are the Symptoms of Low Transmission Oil?

Answer Transmission fluid is an essential auto fluid that ensures the transmission on a manual or automatic car can shift properly. It is important that proper levels of transmission oil are maintained fo... Read More »

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Symptoms of Bad Transmission Mounts?

Transmission mounts are circular metal brackets that support the transmission and utilize rubber blocks to prevent the vehicle from vibrating and rattling while running. Most transmission mounts ... Read More »

Transmission Trouble Symptoms?

Transmission problems can be lead to expensive car repairs, so paying attention to warning signs and symptoms of potential issues can save you a lot of money. Repairing a small problem like a leaky... Read More »

Symptoms of a Transmission Problem?

The transmission is an important part of the car and can also be a costly one to repair. Before a transmission completely fails, it will give you any warning signs that there's a problem. By taking... Read More »

The Symptoms of Low Transmission Oil on the Speedometer?

The fluid in the transmission lubricates and cools it. If there isn't enough transmission fluid, the transmission can overheat, causing some internal failures in the gear set or bearings. Transmiss... Read More »