What are the Signals that carries tv pictures and sound?

Answer Radio Frequency Energy, AKA as RF Energy are magnetic waves that travel from the transmitter's antenna and is picked by the receiver's antenna then feed to the TV's tuner. If you are on cable or sa... Read More »

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A spacecraft is approaching the earth. realitive to the radio signals it sends out the signals recieved on the?

Wavelength is equal to The Speed divided by the frequency; L = v / fIf v is increased by the spacecraft approaching the earth as v+n, then the wavelength is longer and the frequency is unchanged.So... Read More »

Is there a video tutorial on how to correctly monitor digital tv signals I remember seeing one for composite signals. I am using a Harris TVM950.?

You might like to take a look at the Tektronix website which has some brief descriptions of analog, SD SDI and HD SDI signals. Their tutorials are based on the use of their own signal monitors of c... Read More »

How Can I Take the Sound Off My DVD Pictures?

Picture slide shows burned to a DVD can be enhanced with a music soundtrack, narration or any other audio you care to record. Over time, you may decide that the music or narration you originally re... Read More »

I have a digital TV which gives only sound and no pictures for some stations, what do I do please help! ?

Where in the world are you?I know some places are beginning to use MPEG4 for broadcast TV. In that case, if you have an plder MPEG2 only TV, you need to get an STB to tune and decode the MPEG4.Oth... Read More »