What are the Shaytards kids' real names?

Answer katilette = colettesontard= gavinprincesstard= aviababytard= emmylast name= butler (everyone says its butler. you can find them all in the phone book as butlers. it CANT be Carl like some people th... Read More »

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What is shay carls kids real names?

PrincessTard-Avia Butler BabyTard-Emmie Butler RockTard-Brock Butler SonTard-Gavin Butler

What are the names of the kids on Liberty's Kids?

What are the names of the kids on My Wife and Kids?

Michael Jr (referred to as "Junior") Claire Kady

My husband the step father of 2 of my children want to adopt them their real father does ring every now and then can the kids have two fathers and hyphen their last names?

I don't see why not. When two people marry, the women sometimes wants to keep her maiden name but also take his name, so she takes both last names and hyphens them. Or I have even seen a single mom... Read More »