How to Get Car Rental Coupon Codes?

Answer Renting a car can become very expensive, especially if you're paying full price for a one-way rental. Fortunately, you don't have to pay full price for your car rental because you can take advantag... Read More »

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Can my rental house insurance policy be cancelled by the provider in the event of a third party personal injury when there are no violation of industry codes?

In most cases the ship will leave unless you are on one of the excursions sponsored by the cruise line.

Do rental cars get stolen and if so do the rental companies have theft insurance?

Unfortunately - yes, rental cars do get stolen. Most rental comapnies have theft insurance, but usually have some sort of deductible.Rental cars get stolen from customers all the time. If you were ... Read More »

How to Extend Rental Time of iTunes Movie Rental?

Is there a movie that you just love, and you paid to rent it from iTunes? Then when you watched half of it, it tells you that it has expired! This article will tell you how to extend your iTunes re... Read More »

Can You Deduct Rental Expenses With No Rental Income?

The IRS imposes various rules that determine whether you can claim a deduction for rental expenses when you have no rental income, or when the expenses exceed your rental income. Before you claim e... Read More »