What are the PBX phone systems?

Answer PBX (private branch exchange) phone systems are telephone networks that serve a particular business or organization. They are used to reduce the total number of telephone lines companies need to le... Read More »

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Phone line systems costs voip isdn phone system like avaya?

I read your previous question and Andi gave you a good answer about what is available for you these days with all the bells and whistles etc, so did not answer it.As you have a business though what... Read More »

Will a rotary phone work on today's phone systems?

Yes, rotary dial telephones will work on todays telephone network. As a matter of fact telco's have gone to some expense to make sure their networks are backward compatible. That said, you should... Read More »

Why do companies use automated phone systems?

Big and local businesses, including government all employ the use of automated phone systems. Few, if any, customers report preferring a machine to a human, yet companies continue to use phone syst... Read More »

Is Vonage Compatible With Avaya Phone Systems?

Vonage and Avaya phone systems are compatible, but Vonage's Caller ID is not fully compatible with Avaya. If you rely heavily on caller ID it might be in your best interest to try a different phone... Read More »