What are the PBX phone systems?

Answer PBX (private branch exchange) phone systems are telephone networks that serve a particular business or organization. They are used to reduce the total number of telephone lines companies need to le... Read More »

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Phone line systems costs voip isdn phone system like avaya?

I read your previous question and Andi gave you a good answer about what is available for you these days with all the bells and whistles etc, so did not answer it.As you have a business though what... Read More »

Will a rotary phone work on today's phone systems?

Yes, rotary dial telephones will work on todays telephone network. As a matter of fact telco's have gone to some expense to make sure their networks are backward compatible. That said, you should... Read More »

Why do companies use automated phone systems?

Big and local businesses, including government all employ the use of automated phone systems. Few, if any, customers report preferring a machine to a human, yet companies continue to use phone syst... Read More »

Can anyone tell me about ooma telo voip phone systems?

On paper, it looks good. It isn't. You get to pay $250 to buy the box...and, if you don't want a 2nd line, voice mail, and a few other features, you only have to pay $12 or so a year. The proble... Read More »