What are the New Hampshire child labor laws?

Answer AnswerThis website is the official nh state website that will outline specifics of age groups and limitations of work while attending school and while on vacations.

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Federal Labor Laws on Time & Attendance in New Hampshire?

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), enacted by Congress in 1938, governs working relationships for those employees not considered exempt under the law. Although updates and enhancements ha... Read More »

New Hampshire Child Support Laws?

The state of New Hampshire has child-support laws that are similar to most states, yet apply to only residents of New Hampshire. Child-support laws are regulated and enforced by the New Hampshire D... Read More »

New Hampshire State Child Support Laws?

New Hampshire uses a guideline to determine how much child support a parent must pay to the other parent. The guidelines are based on the parties' incomes and a percentage. If you have one child, t... Read More »

Which countries have laws about child labor?

Britain,Canada china France Mexico and the u.s. 100% positive