What are the benefits of drinking green tea Is Crystal Light Green Tea just as good as others?

Answer Green tea possesses compounds that may provide powerful protection against several cancers and, possibly, heart disease. Studies indicate that it also fights infection and promotes longevity.You ca... Read More »

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Are these lyrics good?

I enjoyed it, but like the other guy said, it's way too short. For a song so short the chorus will seem played out, try expanding each of the verses to at least 12 bars.

How to Write Good Lyrics?

Writing lyrics may be a challenge, not only for you, but for everyone! Don't worry about trying to find the right lyrics just yet. It takes a pretty long time to write something very meaningful and... Read More »

What is the meaning of"What a Good Boy"lyrics?

In a solo performance, Steven Page, who co-wrote the Barenaked Ladies song “What a Good Boy,” said the song was "originally written in bad French and translated back to English through a comput... Read More »

Good lyrics to use as your facebook status?

"Wander down the street, and I would be the pavement beneath your feet." - Owl CityOwl City = awesomenessNo, but seriously, anything from an Owl City song is amazing.And they're still pretty unknow... Read More »