What are the Impossible Enigma app answers?

Answer lvl 5- Whitelvl 6- holes, golf, courselvl 7- UNSCRAMBLElvl 8- Smilelvl 9-lvl 10- turn Transcombobulator on, change Zigfreid Setting to 0.80, turn on Taulvl 11- follow the arrows across the screenlv... Read More »

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What are the impossible quiz answers?

1. Four (Count the holes in the words "A Polo" rather than counting the ONE hole in an actual Polo mint) 2. No, but a tin can (An old joke...) 3. K.O. (O.K. backwards) 4. Click "The Answer" in t... Read More »

What are the answers on the impossible quiz 2 on ipod?

1. Up his sleevies 2. Paint 3.ground beef 4.American 5.1$ 6.8 7. Mane 8. 10 letters in 9.literaly pick up "a penguine" and the click go 10. Drag you finger on the path over the key and the... Read More »

What are the Impossible Test Summer app answers?

These are the answers to the impossible test summer: 1. Tap the snowflake (it says isn't)2. Tap anywhere3. tap the ball the given amount of times then tap done4. tap the second flip flop5. to make ... Read More »

What are the answers to the Impossible Quiz for the iPhone?

1- Touch the red circle2- Tap the angry face 5 times3- tap all the grey ninja stars4- Touch the button that has an "N" on it5- Touch the top right cloud6- Wait till the next question (DO NOT CLICK ... Read More »