What are the Grandparents Rights to a Deceased Son's Children in Massachusetts?

Answer Under Massachusetts law, grandparents have the right, under certain circumstances, to be awarded court-mandated visitation with their grandchild. One such circumstance is when grandparents are seek... Read More »

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If the parents rights are terminated and the children adopted what are the grandparents rights?

If the child was adopted after the parents rights got terminated I do not think that the grand parents have any rights. If the grand parents talked to the family that adopted the child I would thin... Read More »

Can grandparents get custody rights of mentally physically challenged children?

AnswerIf you mean getting "custody" of your grandchildren, it depends on a lot of factors--- do the parents or gaurdians have legal custody?? Are they unfit parents?? Do you mean "visitation" right... Read More »

Does an ex-wife have special rights to the estate of her deceased ex-husband if she has custody of their young children?

Answer no but the children might have rights talk to a lawyer Answer An ex-spouse does not have rights of claim against the deceased' estate unless she is included in the will. In the majority of ... Read More »

How to Honor Deceased Grandparents?

Grandparents can be some of the most influential people you'll ever met, and it's terribly devastating when they pass. But remembering them is a morally rewarding task and helps greatly with coping.