Red Mange in Bulldogs?

Answer Bulldogs are susceptible to skin conditions, including red mange. Red mange is a common canine skin disease that's also known as demodicosis or demodex. It's caused by demodex canis, a microscopic ... Read More »

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Ringworm in Bulldogs?

Bulldogs must contend with a variety of possible health conditions, and skin issues are a primary problem. One of the skin problems that commonly plagues bulldogs is ringworm. Ringworm commonly app... Read More »

Hog Hunting With Bulldogs?

Bulldogs are stereotyped as fat and slow dogs, but the truth is far from that. Hog hunters generally like using bulldogs because they are actually fast, smart and are a good match for wild hogs, wh... Read More »

How to Adopt British Bulldogs?

The English Bulldog or British Bulldog was recognized as a breed in 1886. Bulldogs weigh between 40 and 50 pounds depending on gender, diet and exercise. A bulldog's coat can be red, white, fawn, f... Read More »

How to Stop Your Bulldogs From Fighting?

The bulldog has a reputation for being good-natured, although two bulldogs housed together may still fight with one another. Such behavior can be due to a variety of factors, including frustration ... Read More »