What are the Excedrin Migraine health risks?

Answer An over-the-counter medication, Excedrin Migraine contains a combination of acetaminophen, aspirin and caffeine. Despite its effectiveness at relieving painful migraine headaches, Excedrin Migrain ... Read More »

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Migraine relief but can't take Excedrin?

Try putting a frozen washcloth on your forehead(put a couple damp washcloths in the freezer so you can switch them out). Depending on where the pain is, you can shift the icepack or frozen washcl... Read More »

What Are Hot Tub Health Risks?

Hot tubs, whirlpools and jacuzzis are common in both professional spas and traditional homes. Hot tubs help to relieve muscle pain, aid stress and reduce anxiety. Though hot tubs are generally safe... Read More »

Are there any health risks associated with never seeing the daylight?

You need a moderate amount of sunlight; too much causes skin damage and where you are, there's a lot of skin cancer. But too little and your body won't make the vitamin D it needs. Getting it from ... Read More »

Rogaine Health Risks?

Rogaine is a liquid medication used to treat hair loss. Also known as Minixidil Topical, this product can be dangerous for some users. Rogaine is used to treat male or female pattern baldness and i... Read More »