What are the Emerson tv codes?

Answer Try any codes you can find for Sansui or Orion TV's. They are the same.

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What are the Emerson lcd codes for directv?

I was able to use the code 11314 with my Hisense TV. My Directv remote now controls the volume as well as the on/off power but unfortunately not the tv input.

What are the Emerson tv codes for directv?

If you are using the regular directv universal control try these codes 10154, 10236, 10463, 10180, 10178, 10171,10019, 10177, 10623, 10179

What are the codes for Emerson universal remote for an RCA TV?

I can notice a small hole with a red dot behind glass, above screen on the side black. it looks just like secondary camera. But in specs all over internet they mention only one and main camera, and... Read More »

What are the Directv codes for new Emerson digital tv?

No.... it will not work on Directv products. The code for mine is 202, but it is blocked by Directv from controlling it.