What are the Early Signs of Alzheimer's Disease?

Answer Alzheimer's, a rare disease in males/females between the ages of 65 to 80, causes memory loss. If you know the early signs of Alzheimer's, you can find treatments to help the quality of life once t... Read More »

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Can alzheimers disease cause you to forget how to breath?

What are some signs you may have periodontal disease?

painloose teethpainweird colored gumspain

Signs of Lyme Disease?

It's possible that you got bit by a tick while you were hiking. While most people will get a bull's-eye rash, some will not and of those who do, the rash is often in an area that they can't/don't ... Read More »

Signs & Symptoms of Hip Disease?

The hips are types of joints called ball-and-socket joints because the top of the thigh bone is shaped like a ball and fits within the socket of the pelvic bone. There are many diseases and disorde... Read More »