What are the Complications in pregnancy with one tube tied?

Answer Taking ginger root during pregnancy can help relieve nausea and indigestion during pregnancy. I am not sure about vomiting but it may be worth a try.

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If you had complications with a pregnancy before what are the chances of having complications again?

It's really a 50/50 shot as every woman is different and every pregnancy is different. It really depends on what the complications were.

What are some complications with pregnancy if you are young?

I know that one of the complications is increased risk of miscarrage.

What are the possible complications with uterus during pregnancy?

It actually does not even have to enter the vagina to cause pregnancy if there is sperm/ejaculate on the outside of her vagina. If there is ejaculate around, on and definitely in the vagina there i... Read More »

Can a microperforate hymen lead to complications with pregnancy or childbirth?

I have heard that it is best to have it removed. My doctor told me it might cause problems with natural birth and also, chances of getting pregnant is lower, or might take longer, because of the bl... Read More »